How to treat an Android smartphone so that it is durable and not slow is actually quite easy to do.

Provided we have the intention to know and read this article. Android mobile devices are different from ordinary mobile devices.

Because the Android smartphone is better known for its many features and wide screen also with touch screen operation.

However, what if our Android smartphone screen suddenly breaks down aka insensitive when touched? Especially if we often use many features at the same time, of course this requires the performance of our android to work even more extra.

Even though this makes our cellphone drop faster, the battery quickly runs out. Considering we want our cellphone to last and maintain its quality.

Along with the development of the era, the more sophisticated electronic devices we have, one of which is an android smartphone, where the cellphone is a smart phone and can work according to what we need in everyday life. Moreover, there are many outstanding Android smartphones with their sophistication and the price is relatively inexpensive. However, there are still many android smartphone users who still don’t know how to keep their smartphones to stay durable and not slow.

How to care for an Android smartphone so that it is durable and not slow is very easy to do. Because there are many ways that we can do so that our Android smartphone can be durable and not slow. That way, we don’t need to bring our cellphone to a cellphone repairman or even sell it and replace a new one. This is waste!

Immediately, we discuss how to treat an Android smartphone so that it is durable and not slow.

How To Take Care Of Your Android Phone So As To Not Slack:

Caring for the Smartphone Sector Body

Caring for the Sector Body Smartphone The body body is the body part of the smartphone where we can maintain its smoothness so that it continues to look new. We can use the protective body of the smartphone with a hardcase or softcase to protect it. As for the smartphone screen to avoid fine scratches that are not visible to the naked eye, we need to use a screen protector. This is the first way to keep our Android smartphone to stay durable and smooth.

Install Application

Install Applications Most people buy a new cellphone, they immediately download many applications. In fact, they still do not know whether these applications are useful or not for them. So, to keep our Android smartphone durable and not slow, we can install applications as needed and just as needed.

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Maintain an Android Phone Screen

Keeping your Android Phone Screen We need to keep our Android cellphone’s screen durable and look smooth, one of which is to keep the cellphone screen from being scratched in the slightest. The following are the steps:

  • Since first buying an Android cellphone, you should immediately attach a smartphone screen using a screen protector or screen guard. That way, the cellphone screen can be maintained from fine scratches and oil or water;
  • When touching the screen, just use a finger, don’t use finger nails that can cause fine scratches on the android screen;
  • Hands must be clean and dry when touching our cellphone screen;
  • Don’t be too quick or knock on the screen of our smartphone. Because the HP screen is very sensitive;
  • Preferably, do not store or put an Android cellphone in the pocket of our pants, especially jeans that tend to have narrow pockets. This makes the cellphone screen lag or hang;
  • Keep your Android phone screen out of direct sunlight which can reduce the quality of your cellphone screen over time;
  • Be diligent in cleaning your cellphone’s screen using fine tissue to clean dust and small dirt that sticks to the cellphone’s screen;
  • Finally, avoid the Android phone with objects that have magnets such as televisions, refrigerators, laptops, and so on.

Do these steps every day and forever. Don’t just do it at first, because the power of the cellphone isn’t just the beginning.

Caring for Software

Caring for Software We can also take care of our Android cellphone to keep it durable and slow by taking care of the software. The following are the steps:

  • Pay attention to the specifications and capacity of RAM contained in the smartphone;
  • Install applications as needed and as needed;
  • Be careful in installing applications, because trusted applications only exist in the Google Play Store, not others;
  • Install an antivirus application that is quality and truly preserves.


Multitasking Android Most Android users cannot maintain the durability of their smartphones because they often use many applications at the same time. Or the simple term is multitasking. Indeed, smartphones can carry out multitasking operations, but as sophisticated as a device there are still limits. If you often open the application at the same time, the cellphone will quickly heat up and cause the android phone to slow down quickly.

That’s a variety of ways that you can apply to care for your Android phone to stay durable and not slow.

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