How to Activate Dark Mode or Dark Theme on Chrome Android

Enable The Night Mode(Dark Theme) Chrome AndroidGoogle has updated the browser application for Android in version 74, precisely 74.0.3729,112, last week, which carries new features, dark mode, or offers a display interface with a dark theme.

This feature will make the Chrome application interface for Android dark, making it more comfortable in the eyes, because it does not emit excessive light.

In addition, even though the display interface is dark, Google has designed this mode in a way that does not disturb users when reading or enjoying the content on the websites visited.

For information, the dark mode feature is also available on several other Google-made Android applications, such as Contacts, Messages, News, including Phones. Google itself does not officially mention that this feature has been injected into the latest Chrome application for Android, because the dark mode option is not available in the settings menu.

Even so, users can enjoy this feature by taking certain steps. Regarding how to activate the dark mode feature in the Chrome browser for Android it’s not difficult, with the first step, make sure you have upgraded to Chrome version 74.

Step by step Activate Dark Mode

Then, follow the steps below.

  • Open the Chrome application in the address bar
  • type URL: chrome: // flags # enable-android-night-mode
  • On the page that has been directed
  • look for the Android Chrome UI dark mode menu
  • Select the Enabled option
  • Restart (restart) the Chrome application Go to the Settings menu
  • pili h or turn on the feature Dark mode
  • Finished

Chrome version 74 also comes with a shortcut or shortcut feature for translation or translation.

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This shortcut can be found through the Settings menu located in the upper right corner. This feature allows users to translate the content of a website into the language they want. Besides the dark mode and shortcut features, there are no other prominent features in Chrome 74.

Regular updates rolled out by Google generally bring a number of bug fixes or patch security holes.

The presence of the dark mode feature in some Android applications made by Google was allegedly as their preparation to welcome the dark mode feature that will be carried on the Android Q operating system.

In addition, according to Google, which was delivered in the Android Developer Summit in 2018, the dark mode feature saves power consumption, because the color and brightness of the screen in this mode will not drain battery power.