One problem that is often experienced by smartphone users is overheating or hot cellphones. This can be caused by various things, generally, it can be from the battery, processor, or maybe the cellphone screen.

Here are five things that cause cell phones to overheat.

1. Most games

The pleasure of playing games often makes time is forgotten. Usually, we will only realize when the phone has begun to heat and make it uncomfortable holding it.

The use of gaming applications with high intensity, making the processor work hard especially for graphics so that the smartphone gets hot.

2. Streaming too long

Just like playing games, watching YouTube or Netflix for hours makes the smartphone processor work extra, because it has to process video data and make sure the screen stays active for a long time.

3. The settings are not optimal

The settings on the smartphone also have a big impact on energy use. Check again whether you adjust the brightness too ‘bright’ or too many widgets? Try to reset it.

4. Environmental factors

Have you ever accidentally left your cellphone down in the sun? For example when you forget to bring your cellphone into the house after relaxing in the backyard.

Now, this not only makes the phone overheat but also can have an impact on the touch screen which becomes less sensitive and makes the cell phone battery run out faster.

5. Update

If an application has bugs or other problems, it can cause the phone to overheat because it uses the device processor excessively.

Although it rarely happens, the cellphone can also overheat because there are bugs in the OS that need to be fixed through an update.

How to overcome

The first aid when a cell phone feels hot is to take off a holster or case that might trap heat.

Next, activate the airplane mode to immediately deactivate features that make power-consuming such as wireless radio, Bluetooth, WiFi, or cellular signal search.

If you are thinking of storing your cellphone in the refrigerator, don’t do it! Making a smartphone exposed to extreme temperature or humidity can cause damage. It’s better to use a fan to help lower the phone’s temperature.